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1. If you have found the right product in the e-shop and you really know that it is right for you - order it in the e-shop.

2 .If you have not found the right part or you are not sure if a part is right for the device you are repairing, then:

  •         Take a photo of the device model sticker
  •         Take a photo of the part you want (if you have an old one)
  •         Write a request to, indicating which part you need and attach photos of the model and part.
  •         We will find the right part for you that will definitely fix the fault *.

* In most cases, we will offer an original part from the manufacturer that will fit in place of the former. No need to measure or adjust anything. Unfortunately, not all parts manufacturers can provide if the device is older than 3 years. However, even in this case, the manufacturers offer similar parts that really fit the existing device (but customizations may be required).

* Modern household appliances are a complex device that requires knowledge, qualifications and tools to repair. We always suggest evaluating this before making repairs.

* Some parts (such as drawers, lids, etc.) are easy to replace and require no knowledge. However, despite the fact that we can deliver all parts, we do not recommend the repair of electrical and transmission systems by unqualified users. In most cases, a fault can be complex, with one faulty component out of order and the next several. Therefore, the general condition of the appliance must be taken into account during the repair, and not just one part.

Always consider - maybe repair with the help of a specialist will be cheaper and faster.

We cooperate with many service centers and craftsmen in Lithuania, so we can recommend the most suitable specialist for your failure.