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The legal acts in force in the Republic of Lithuania establish a 24-month period for all goods for personal use warranty period. The concept of personal product does not apply to electronic components, parts, assemblies, cables, connectors, power supplies and other products for which the warranty applies / is not covered by the manufacturer.

Devices supplied by us that are used as a stand-alone device (not installed or used as part of a specific device) are covered by the manufacturer's warranty. In most cases, this is 24 months.

Items are non-refundable and the warranty does not apply to:

  •         signs of dismantling of goods that have mechanical damage;
  •         goods which have not been used for their intended purpose (used in the course of a professional activity, although they are intended for household consumers)
  •         goods whose defects have been caused by the fault of the buyer;
  •         if the failure is caused by environmental factors (storms, rain, etc.), force majeure (fire, flood) or accidental external factors (voltage surges, etc.);
  •         if the fault is due to liquids, objects, etc. entering the unit;
  •         if the characteristics of the product correspond to its description, the product is fit for its intended use.

* The provisions on limitation or non-application of the guarantee are harmonized with Article 6.333 of the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania. Part 3.

When picking up the item in stores, inspect it for damage, complete and proper configuration. When accepting an order from a courier or collecting it from an ATM, pay attention to the packaging - if there is a suspicion - unpack it immediately. Note the discrepancies in the document accepting the transfer of the goods and write a report in the presence of the courier. If you see a defect or defect in the product after signing the delivery note, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage to the product or packaging. In this case, the quality guarantee will only be provided in the event of a factory defect.

We - the ServiceShop team - have been working in the spare parts supply market for more than 20 years.

We have a lot of experience and we always focus on one question - what needs to be done to solve the problem.

Therefore, we apply simple rules for warranty and returns:

  •      If you have received a really defective part - it is mechanically damaged or has an obvious defect in the manufacturer - we will replace it or refund you.
  •     If the part is not suitable for your device - return the incorrect one and we will replace it (with a surcharge or refund) or refund
  •     If the purchased part has failed or lost its parameters during subsequent operation (eg batteries), we will first have to find out the cause of this failure. Please send a sticker, a photo of the part, a photo of the fault (failure) or a video showing how the fault occurred. We will contact the manufacturer and get recommendations / solutions for this situation. If replacing the part solves the problem, we will replace the defective part or refund. If the failure of the part was caused by other system components, we will agree on a plan for further repair of the device.